What did you do for living?

I’ve been very very busy lately. Preparing and compiling budgeting documentation/reports for our office. Really tired because I have to stay back very late in my office to make sure the reports was nicely done, so that I could bring it to the workshop that I have to attend in Kuantan on this Sunday. And today, I had no choice but to bring back the reports because my boss wanted to go through the report tomorrow morning. Huhuhuhuhu…. (kerja, kerja jugak.. blogging, blogging jugak. This time should be my blogging session ok!)

Due to the above, I had a very bad day today. While I’ve been busy with the budgeting works, somebody had bugs me with other problem which wasn’t my problem at all.

In the morning, somebody called me and scold me and asking me why I don’t want to do works that wasn’t my works! I think, she just attacking the wrong person. She gets mad because one of other people’s staff came and sees her and asked her some questions. At the 1st place, why should she scold me? That staff just wasn’t my staff. So, why should I make sure that she knows how to do her works? She got her own boss, which yup I know that “Taichi” type of person. But, why she should choose me? I had tried my best to help the “Taichi” boss. I had done a lot of her things just make her shut her mouth. So, why should I been attacking by people like this in my very good Thursday morning?


Couldn’t take it anymore, I picked up the phone and dialed the “Taichi” boss number. I attacked her with keep talking and talking and talking none stop for about 10 mins. Saying this, saying that…. I talks a lot until she couldn’t even interrupt. Serve her rights!

Of course I feel bad to scolding her and attacking her through phone. But, I’ve been very patient enough all this while for her “Taichi” attitude. She “Taichi” a lot of her works to us here, and we never ever complain anything to her. We just try our best to carry out the task, though it’s never been listed in our scope of works as an engineer in this government agency. This is the time for me to teach her a lesson! Because I feel sorrier for myself being bullied to do lots of @$#%$^%&& job in here! No risk at all! I don’t need my engineering degree to do the job that I’ve been doing. Sometimes, it makes me feel so humiliated to call myself an engineer.

The bad day not only end when I end the tele-conversation. On afternoon, another non-engineering staff called me. With her arrogant style, she asks me to prepare a memo to call up a finance meeting. Hello! I’m not a PA ok! Why should I prepare that stupid memo? Why shouldn’t you? You are the PA of him right? OMG! This person just arroganting at me at the wrong time. With failing to give me some info needed for me to help her job, she even accused me for hardly understand what her boss wanted. Hello again! You’re the one who spoke to your boss, and now you expecting me to understand what your boss wants? This PA is just too much! Makan gaji buta punya manusia! Hmmmmm….. Serve you right also for been scolded by me on your beautiful Thursday afternoon!

So people, now you know why I hated my job so much?

Actually, I never regret for accepting this job in this government agency, because I know what is best for me. I know every job has their pros and cons, their ups and downs, their happy and unhappy times. But, I’m entrying this just to share my today’s unhappy feelings. That’s all. Not that until I wish to quit and find other job outside there. Because, I had experienced worse. So, for given a chance to serve the country, I take this downs period as a challenge for myself, provided you all still be there to read my complains entry… ehehhehe….. Enough for today’s entry. Have to continue doing my budgeting works. Wish me luck that I could finish it before I go to sleep, because I’m now feels very very sleepy. Seriously! Thanks for your time reading my entry readers. Love you all! Muahhhhh!


What I feel About My Job?

While Jac posting about what she felt about her job recently, I also wanna post about the same topic. Very simple,


Sekian, terima kasih…..

Mood swing?

Yesterday nite wasn’t a good day for me. My mood suddenly swings badly. Not to make things worse, I kept quiet for couple of hours before I feel like talking. Pity to my hubby. So sorry Abang… Thank you for your understanding and for your persuading…. It works dear! 😆

Unluckily of me, this morning I faced some other things which made my mood changed again. I talked to the phone to one guy that I considered bad whiner (worst than us women!) and other Ah So who also a bad whiner. Both of them make me feels like vomiting… Yuks! Please la you all… Don’t ruin my day please… I’ve been trying so hard to be a very patient person lately.. Please lah! Don’t challenge my patience…. Dont let me yelling please…. I dont likeeee…. 😡

Ok, I better stop with the grumbling… ehehhe….

Today, finally I feel like an efficient person…. Why? No specific reason… It does just believe of mine. ehehehhe… Perasan kan? 🙄

But, one thing that I realize today is (which doesn’t related to that efficient things), I keep making typo error in almost every typing works that I facing today. Aiyak! What’s happening here? What’s wrong with you Amisah? Ooooo… maybe this is a sign that our unit needs a clerk? Ngeh ngeh ngeh… :mrgreen: Mulalah mengarut tu!

And to end my today’s entry, I’m now waiting… waiting and waiting again… waiting for what? ❓ Don’t want to reveal it now.. Later lah…. Sorry readers.. Please don’t send any comment asking for this thing… hehehhehe…. Learn to be patient like me ok! Love you all! Muah! Muah! Muah! 😳

Oh ya! My Atuk (my mom’s dad) going for his Haj today, Alhamdulillah.. Pray to Allah and hope that he will be going and return home safely, and could get “Haji Mabrur” … Aminnnn….


I just finished with my ironing works! Wow! Syabas betti! Ehehhehe….

Actually, I started doing my housework last nite (just started since I came back from Sabah for almost 2 weeks!). Yesterday, Im done with folding works, unpacking those shirts and pants from 2 of our bags, some ironing and some other housework stuffs.

So, today, everything settled! More to go for the next next day… wellll…. never ending works as we need them to cover our sexy body… ehehehhe…

im happy being an efficient person after so called my dark time lately 😀 alhamdulillah….

What else?

As I said in my previous entry, today was a Raya celebration in our office. Very happening and we enjoy it though there are some hiccups here in there especially on food issues. Pity at some staff, especially those who came from out of our HQ like Sabah, Penang, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan as well. There were also surprises for those staff celebrating their birthday this month. The cake and brownies also very yummy! Secret Recipe mari! Nyum! Nyum!

Ok you all have to proceed with monthly budgeting pulak.

here are some photos of the Raya celebration. enjoy!

1st working day after longggg day off

Seems like Im very lazy to update my blog lately huh? Its not like that. This was due to my bad health condition that I facing lately. Yes, I cured from my demam, but, the flu n coughing haven’t gone away yet. I still have it even until today. Im like fed up taking any medicine anymore. But, I think, today I will go and see doc again and ask for more medicine, since free kan? I couldn’t stand the antibiotic smell when peeing lah! Kuat gilos!

Ok lah, finished with that.

Today was my 1st working day after very looonnngggg day away from it since my raya holiday. When arrived at about 8.10am, my colleague suddenly told me that I have another course to attend today, for 2 days some more. Ah? Again? Aiyak! Im just planning to clear my mail inbox and clear anything that unclear on my table, and again have to attend courses. Adush lah… what to do, SYMP…

So, im being very unefficient on my 1st day of working.

You know what? I fed up with my works now! Please somebody help me and motivate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday was a really tiring day for me.

I attended a very long meeting from morning till afternoon. I hate to be in that meeting. It wasted my whole morning precious time. The most important issue here is the chairman also doesn’t know what he was talking about, unqualified (I really meant it!) for the meeting. The output that I got from the meeting is, just do what you wanted to do, we have no time to ask anymore. What kind of management that could do this to their staff? I got annoyance to think about the matter that discussed in that meeting. #%^%&^*(&)(* Arghhhhhh!!!!!!

I’m trying so hard to comprehend the work that I hated so much. I keep staring at the table given and trying to figure out on what should I put inside there, so that I can come out with the presentation slide compulsory to be submitted this Friday. Aiyak! It was so bleaaakkkkkssss!

I was dead to the world as early as 9pm. This was due to my bad menstrual pain that I had last night. Or, because of my little brain was too tired thinking of the densely work in office? Hmmmm…. Pretty sure must be the 2nd one….

Today, am continuing with the yesterday’s work. Had discussion with my one up and 2nd up supervisor until lunch time. After lunch time, I thought I would have time to continue with the presentation preparation. Unluckily of me, I was wrong! My 2nd up supervisor suddenly called me and ask me to attend another meeting because this meeting also will discuss again the same topic that discussed in yesterday’s meeting. Am I making you all confuse? Hahahhaha.. Actually, I also don’t know what I’m talking about… I’m vomiting…. Yeaaaaks! huh! I hate what I am doing rite now! But, I also don’t have choice not to do it…. Oh God! What I’m supposed to do then? I’m blank! I’m empty! Unclear etc!!!!!

Huh! I think, I whining too much already. I better stop before Raqib and Atid also getting confuse to note down my good deeds and my sins.

Ok you all, I really need a rest as my head are aching badly right now … till my next entry…



Sia ni geram betul dengan ada satu engineer di tempat sia ni…

Semenjak sia masuk gomen ni, sia memang sudah “out of touch” dalam bidang engineering ni. Sebab sia kenak buat perkara-perkara bukan teknikal. Banyak buat laporan laporan dan laporan lagi. Sia ndak lah kisah, sebab buat apa mau komplen. Sia yang pilih masuk ke agensi ni kan…. Cuma, kadang-kadang memanglah ada terasa jugak kan… Jawatan jurutera, tapi banyak buat perkara-perkara berkaitan pentadbiran. “Baik diorang bagi aku jadik PTD dan jangan panggil aku jurutera” dalam hatilah…

Ok, berbalik pada cerita geram sia ni.. Antara kerja yang sia kenak buat di sini, adalah menguruskan senarai nama pencatit minit mesyuarat mingguan cawangan. Biasanya, mesyuarat ni diadakan setiap hari Jumaat pagi. Mau dijadikan cerita, sia nilah jugak orang yang patut memastikan minit mesyuarat mingguan tu ada setiap kali sebelum mesyuarat pada minggu seterusnya. Jadik, sia pagi tadi pigilah ke bilik engineer yang sia maksudkan di atas. Sebab dia yang jadi pencatit minit untuk mesyuarat minggu lepas. Di bawah ni lebih kurang perbualan sia.

Sia: Abu (bukan nama sebenar), minit mesyuarat minggu lepas tuh sudah siap?
Abu: Belum, hari ini baru buat. Tapi aku buat draft jak, Ani (bukan nama sebenar) yang akan siapkan.
Sia: Hah! Kenapa pulak? Kan dia sudah jadik pencatit minit minggu sebelum tu? Mana boleh macam tu, siapa punya giliran, dia kenak siapkan sampai habis lah.
Abu: Sia ndak tau lah macam mana mau buat. Sia ndak paham lah apa yang diorang bincangkan dalam mesyuarat tuh.
Sia: Kalau ndak tahu, kenalah bertanya. Lagipun, kan ada minit mesyuarat minggu lepas boleh dijadikan contoh? Lagipun Ani kan ada bagi senarai perkara-perkara yang dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat tu? Masukkan jaklah dalam minit tu. Bukan susah pun.
Abu: Hei! ndak kan lah sia yang baru ni mau bertanya pada pengarah dalam mesyuarat tuh! Siapalah sia ni untuk bertanya.
Sia: La….. Nama jugak pencatit minit. Kalau ndak paham perkara yang dibincangkan, kenaklah tanya. baru ka, ndak baru ka, pengarah mesti akan jawab sebab dia tahu kita sedang catit minit.
Abu: Ndak apalah, nanti sia buat draf, lepas tuh bagi pada Ani untuk dia siapkan.
Sia: Eh! ndak boleh la macam tuh. kenaklah siapkan sampai abis.
Abu: Alaaa… Ani hari tu sudah janji mau buat.
Sia: Hah! dia janji?
Abu: Ha ah…

Bila dia cakap macam tuh, sia pun panggil la kak Ani ni. Tanya samada betul kah dia janji dengan si Abu ni. Iyalah, sia kenaklah pastikan minit tuh siap. Ndak kisahlah siapa yang buat pun. Sekalinya, kak Ani ni cakap, dia ndak ada pun janji macam tuh dengan si Abu nih. Jadik, kami pigi lagi jumpa si Abu ni untuk penjelasan.

Kak Ani: Eh! Mana ada I cakap I nak siapkan you punya minit. (Kak Ani ni memang cakap I You I You jak dengan si Abu ni 🙂 )
Abu: Kan hari tu kau cakap kau mau siapkan minit tu. Aku buat draf jak.
Kak Ani: Eh! Salah tu. I cakap, I bagi you senarai perkara-perkara benda yang dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat tu, sebab you tak catit pun hari tu. I boleh tolong tengokkan samada you buat format tuh betul ke tak jer…
Abu: Iyalah.. Aku draf, lepas tu kau siapkanlah!
kak Ani: Eh! Apa pulak. Tuh you punya kerja. I tolong check kan boleh lah. Tapi, you punya giliran, you la kena siapkan.
Abu: Eh! Aku ndak sukaklah buat benda-benda bodoh macam nih! 7 tahun aku di J***, ndak pernah buat perkara bodoh macam ni tau!
Sia: J*** lain, *** lain… mana boleh samakan macam tu…
Kak Ani: Eh! Semua orang kena buat lah minit nih. You baru sekali kena buat nak bising-bising, I pun dah buat 2 kali lah. Amisah ni hah, ntah berapa banyak kali dah buat, tak bising pun. Bukannya susah nak buat pun. Dah la orang dah bagi bahan.
Abu: Eh! Aku ndak setuju la buat benda bodoh ni! Aku memang ndak sukak!
Sia: Kalau ndak sukak, cakaplah dengan bos. Dia yang tetapkan benda nih. Jangan komplen di sini pulak.
Kak Ani: Ntahnyer… Pegilah ngadu kat bos tuh..
Abu: Walau apa pun, aku tetap ndak setuju!
Sia: Suka hatilah! Jawab lah dengan bos sendiri!

Punyalaha sia dengan Kak Ani geram. Kami tinggalkan jak dia mengomel-ngomel dalam bilik tuh. Nampaknya, sia ndak da pilihan lah. Kenaklah berunding dengan bos macam ni. Malangnya bos ndak ada.

Sekali, lebih kurang 2 jam lepas tu, kak Ani panggil sia. Dia tunjuk minit yang si Abu ni buat. Punyalah “childish”. Memang sangat general dan langsung ndak ada kena mengena dengan bahan yang kak Ani bagi dia. Sabar jaklah kami. Kami malas mau betulkan sebab nanti kalau ada apa-apa, kami pulak yang kenak menjawab. Memanglah bodoh sombong dia nih. Ndak tahu, bukan mau tanyak. Duduk diam jak dalam bilik tu. Apa dia ingat dia tu 44 besar betul kah? Eh! Tolonglah, 44 ka 54 ka, kalau ndak tahu mau respek orang, ingat orang mau respek ka? Boleh jalan lah…

Sebenarnya, dia ni memang macam tuh. Dia ni dulu dari Sabah, salah satu agensi persekutuan di sana (dia memang orang Sabah pun, orang kampong sia pulak tuh. Memang memalukan!) Tapi, sebab naik pangkat, dia dihantar ke HQ. Tahulah kalau macam di negeri kan? Pegawai… Dilayan macam dewa. Bukan macam di HQ. Apa sangatlah kalau setakat engineer… 44 jak pulak tuh…

Sebenarnya, dia memang akan berpindah balik ke Sabah dalam masa terdekat ni. Dial ah orang yang sia maksudkan dalam entry sebelum ni yang sia kenak ambil alih kerjanya. Memang menyusahkan. Dia ni, memang satu cawangan tahu perangainya ni. Memang ndak boleh pakai. Ndak tahulah macam mana. Kalau kamurang mau tahu, pegawai-pegawai di Sabah memang banyak yang macam tu. Sebab, di sana orang bawahan diorang, panggil diorang Tuan…. Heh! Mana diorang ndak besar kepala kan? Itu yang ndak pandai buat kerja tu. Semua kerja bagi campak sema (sama/pada) orang bawah. Diri sendiri goyang kaki. Tidur dalam bilik. Lepas tu, begayak (berlagak) jak lebih!

Hmmmm… sia pun ndak tahu mau cakap macam mana lah… Kita ni sebagai seorang Islam, sepatutnya mendapat gaji berdasarkan kerja yang kita buat. Makin banyak gaji, memang makin banyak kerja lah. Bukanlah sia mau cakap diri sia ni bagus, ndak pernah curi tulang. Pernah jugak. Tapi, kerja tetap kerja. Kita kenaklah siapkan. Memang lah kita ni ada turun dan naik. Ada masa kita ndak ada mood mau buat kerja. Tapi, tolonglah jangan menyusahkan orang! Bukan apa, duit yang kita dapat tu, ndak ka kita rasa serba salah dapat gaji, tapi sebenarnya kita ndak buat pun kerja tu? Apa kita mau jawab di akhirat nanti? Kasi makan anak bini? Lu pikirlah sendiri!

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal 🙂