MOther’s Day Awards

Hehehhehe…. Proudly announcing, I received these awards from Kak Aishah



MOther to be pun boleh eik? TQ kak Aishah yerp!

So, now I’m giving the awards to all mothers and mother to be in my dearest friend’s list:-
1. Azah Azura
2. Chema
3. Dongan
4. Kak Elin
5. Kak Fynn
6. Kak Ina
7. Kak Watie
8. Kokek
9. Ninie Minie
10. Nisa
11. Nozie
12. Puan Mastur
13. Reen

Oh yerp! Last 2 days, hubby wasn’t around. He went outstation to PD. So, Cik Suhai and cik Czah so nicely came to my ‘teratak buruk’ and accompany this ‘mak buyung’. It’s been so long since we all gathered like this. I really enjoy the moment! After this, I don’t know whether we all will have the same chance to gather again. Thanks ya korang! Best betul borak-borak dengan korang malam tuh walaupun sekejap sangat!

Insya Allah, our Uni batch will gather at Cik Czah’s wedding at Kuala Lipis on this coming 31st May. Congrates cik Czah! I will update the story mory after the ceremony later k! Tungguuuuu……


Award 2

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda.


2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.
~yang memberikan award ini ialah Kak Aishah
3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya.

~10 facts about me~ (Ni copy from previous tagg pastuh, tambah 2 lagi facts. ok la tuh kan? halal eh? )

No 1.
I’m a blackish girl during school time. Seriously! So, to reduce the melanin to grow more on my skin, I used to bring umbrella to cover myself. But, still doesn’t work!

No 2.
I had an experience in approaching a guy (oops!). Don’t want to reveal more.

No 3.
I’m a very slow type. Especially doing houseworks.

No 4.
Usually reading could make me sleepy even until now. But, don’t be surprise; I’m now joining a book club and planning to read quite nos of novel. We’ll see…. Bravo Amisah!

No 5.
I’m a hot temper type of person. Luckily I married to my very patient hubby. Or else?

No 6.
Usually I’m type of person that very hard to feel excited on anything. Don’t know why… very boring huh?

No 7.
Usually I prefer plain water than sugared drinks, especially coffee. It made me headache. Recently, since I enter my 3rd month’s pregnancy, I addicted to Chrysanthemum tea. Reach my 4th month, I only drink light ribena. Coffee? Still cannot!

No 8.
I owned a tiny manual type of Perodua kelisa since 2004 until now. I loveeeeee this car so much! But now, I feel a bit regret not to buy the auto type last time. So tired wooo driving this car in KL! Still, I love it and will keep it until I got enough money to buy my future dream car! (or, should I just keep it forever? Jimat minyak woooo!)

No 9.
I do listen to music. But, not when I’m reading/studying. It could make me feel distracted. I always prefer to listen to FM radio rather than CD or cassette, because, I don’t like to listen to same song over and over again. It could make me boring. I like pop and R&B genre. So, at the moment, my fav FM radio station is Fly FM.

No 10.
I prefer Rita Rudaini than Fasha Sandha (counted tak? Counted la kot ek? )

this cute award goes to:-
1. ninie
2. dongan
3. jac
4. kak ayu
5. kak elin
6. nozie
7. nisa pahang
8. kak fynn
9. kak ina
10. last but not lest, mak Ana! layan mak ana, jangan x layan!

I Love Your Blog Too!

I cilok this from puan mastur’s blog.. ehehehe… since she said “mama nak bagi present kat semua readers mama..”

Meaning, I’m one of them la kan? Syok sendrik punya budak 🙂

Tenkiu puan mastur… Cute sangat2!

So, I’m now gladly thinking of passing this cutees to my blog’s readers pulak! Terimalah seadanya kawan2.. ikhlas daripada hati saya yang tulus… chewah! jiwang karat sket malam ni! 🙂