7/8 to 3/ 4

Last time, when I was still single, I used to sleep up to 10 hours a day in weekdays. Then, when I get married, it reduced to 7 to 8 hours a day.

Now, when I have Aimee, it then reduced again to 3 to 4 hours a day. Not to be mention sometimes I only have an hour or 2 before get up for working.

Am I feeling tired? Of course I am.

Am I feeling stress? Nope!

Am I feeling regret? Of course not!

Am I not happy? I am happy!

Am I having bad mood? Sometimes I do feel bad mood, but still I feel sooooo soooo happy. I’m now being more efficient compared to my previous phase of life. It’s seriously a big change that I and hubby could really feel it and enjoy it.

Having a baby not an easy task, for me lah. I don’t know for others. But still I’m sooooo happy. All the “not happy” things will automatically turns to “happy” once I see my baby’s face. She is like a magic that Allah granted to us to make our life happier. I’m so grateful ya Allah! Thank you so much!

For Aimee, Mama just wants you to know that Mama and Ayah never feel stress or regret to have you dear. We were so happy that you finally born to this world to complete everything that Mama and Ayah feel incomplete (though you make Mama cry once, when you come out 11 days late from the expected date). Lots of good things happened now after Mama delivered you. And all of them cheer up Mama, Ayah, your onyang, your grandpas, grandmas, aunties and uncles. We love you so much our dear Aimee!




8 Responses

  1. semakin comel!!

  2. aaaahhh tolonglaa.. comeylnyerr! nak geget rase..

  3. Whoa! Makin comey dan makin lebat rambut granniece nekNa ni….

  4. Aimee makin memanjanggg… hahha.
    Dah besaq.. hopefully bb sehat n mummy bb pun kene sentiase sehat sbb nak jaga bb kan.kan?
    Btw. kak..nak email. faez dah jarangggg sgt ym sbb kat offc ni mcm dah kene block. Ces!!
    Kite nak tanye mcm2 nih.. bg email eh.. tq. Take care sis.

  5. ayu/ninie/mak ana: comel macam mama dia kan? 😆

    faez: alhamdulillah.. baby n mummy sihat walafiat…
    email add akak bagi thru hp k!

  6. mm tulah die.. mak die mmg semakin COMEL!! kih3

  7. kui kui kui

  8. comelnye bb aimee!!baru brp bulan tp nampak dah besar!:)

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