Overdue Pregnancy

Today, my pregnancy is officially overdue for 4 days. I did some readings from few websites. Most of the websites said, it’s normal to have an overdue pregnancy until 2 weeks after the expected due date, as long as I’m healthy and my baby movements is more than 10 times within 12 hours. This info really makes me feel comfortable with my pregnancy.

This morning, I went for check up at clinic. Alhamdulillah, everything went well without any problem, the Hb, the blood pressure, the urine test, the baby’s head engagement, the baby heart beat and my weight gaining. The doc gives me another 3 days before she will refer me to the hospital. Uwaaaa!!!!!! Of course I felt so worried thinking of when my baby will out from my womb… Oh! Baby! Don’t make mama worry pleaseeee….. We have another 3 days…. Please come out before that ya! Everybody can’t wait to meet you baby! You too for sure want to see all your aunties, your uncles, your grandmas, your grandpas and all mama’s and ayah’s friend kan? Please hurry ya baby! Mama and ayah also can’t wait to meet you baby!

All my readers out there please pray for me ok!


9 Responses

  1. dunwori.. insyaAllah sumenye selamat..

  2. Ya Allah… Hamba mu memohon selamatkanlah isteriku dan anakku…. permudahkan isteriku bersalin amin…..

  3. God is always with you. Hang on there, everything will be fine.

  4. Salam dear sis,
    I have the same situation, and today I’m 4 days overdue 😦 also waiting for our baby to come out…and I can exactly understand how worrisome it can be. I pray that everything turns out to be perfectly fine for you and your baby, inshaALLAH. May ALLAH bless you both with health and real happiness.

  5. makluman semua, Amisah berada di wad petang tadi, insyaallah mama dan baby selamat, sama2lah kita berdoa semoga semuanya selamat… amin

  6. amisah masih di dalam wad, doktor kata tunggu hari isnin, sudah ‘induce’ (betul ker ejaan?) ptg tadi, doakan segalanya berjalan lancar.. amin

  7. aweng dah bersalin ye?!!!


  8. apa citer aweng nih?

  9. Terima kasih semua atas doa kalian…

    Nisa: Tq!

    Kak Watie: dah update dah berita terkini.. Lambat skit sebab baru nak adapt dengan kehidupan bergelar mama… Ni pun curi-curi sebab baby titon 😀

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