feet and hands

Before I get pregnant, I’m one of those women who always look after their nails. I will make sure my manicure done weekly while my pedicure session done once in a 2 weeks time. Of course everything I did it by myself at home.

But, recently, I found that I’m having difficulty in doing my pedicure. And what makes me sadder is that, perhaps yesterday will be my last pedicure session at home. I think 2 weeks from now (or earlier) I might need to go to those pedicure centre for them to do my pedicure.

To be honest, I don’t like people to do it for me. I just don’t trust other people. Ask hubby to do? Oh! oh! It will be a BIG NO NO for me and for him! I don’t trust him, and he also doesn’t trust himself. He knows how fussy his wife is. So, he better give his wife a money and go for the pedicure rather than get nag due to any damages that he might did to his wife’s nails… Hahahahahha……

I hate to face this situation ok!

Could this one be my last home pedicure before I deliver my baby?

Could this one be my last home pedicure before I deliver my baby?

p/s: I still remember one of my school friend had told me this “Alalalalla…. Cutenya ibu jari kakimu weng!” …. Hehhehehhehe… That proves that I take a very good care of my nails kan? 😎 Hmmmm.. Like mother like daughter 😆


3 Responses

  1. memang comey kaki bini aku… huhuhuhu…

  2. kaki jari kite macam sama lahh.. like mek weng like jacko.!

  3. Abang: Bodek! ble tolong ketip lepas ni… 🙂

    Jacq: Ngeh ngeh ngeh…

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