I pray, I pray and I pray…..

If you notice, I think, I rarely update/story about my health condition during my pregnancy. Actually, I’m among those who had bad morning sicknesses syndrome. Not that bad until I have to be admitted. But, I usually will vomit those yellowish, greenish, acidic and bitter fluids almost every morning, even until to date. For me, I feel that was ok and normal since I feel I rather face this problem than face other unhealthy conditions like gaining too much weight, getting high blood pressure, diabetic problem, backache problem and etc. Alhamdulillah, every time I went to clinic for my monthly check up, everything seems to be fine and healthy. My BP, Hb, urine test, weight gaining, everything seems to be ok. And until to date, my “Buku Merah” still maintain that white sticker rather than green, yellow or red. Nauzubillah!


However, last week, for the whole week I got this weird dizzy and headache problem. I was absent from my work for 2 days, though actually I deserve to have MC for the whole week. I came to work for 3 days with that dizziness feeling, vomited all my brekky food, and that unhealthy condition became worst on Friday where I vomited everything that I ate from morning till night time. I was so weak that night until I couldn’t eat or drink anything anymore and just go straight to bed and sleep soundly.

The very next day, I was feeling better though I still throw up all my foods. I even went to clinic that night to check my BP. Everything was ok though. So, I just went back home and get some rest.

On Sunday, I felt better and could eat my breakfast, lunch and my dinner nicely without throwing them out. Alhamdulillah…..

Today? Again I have that heave feeling. Ouchhhh….. I hope I don’t have to take MC today. But, after went to see the doc, that heave feeling became worst and end up with vomiting at their toilet. Arghhhhh!!!!!! I don’t like this feeling. Seriously!

Due to that, doc gave me an MC and request to take my BP reading twice a week. She afraid that I might on my way to carry that preeclampsia syndrome. Oh God! I hope I’m not!

So today, again, I’m at home getting some rest. Hopefully I could go to work tomorrow with hubby’s help’s (drive me to and from office). I don’t like to trouble him, but, now it seems like I don’t have a choice. Thanks Abang for helping! Really appreciate it!

I pray, I pray and I pray that my healthy condition will get better after this, and until I deliver my baby. Aminnnnnn……..


7 Responses

  1. saba ey weng….
    rehat bebanyak..if esok still x larat, ko cuti je…

  2. take care ye weng..doa byk2.

  3. thanks ngan & Nisa!

  4. Get well soon …watch Rain dance for you and you’ll feel much better. =P

  5. thanks jacq.. I feel much better this week…

  6. laaa..ciannye weng..takpe la weng..sabar k..ni satu pengorbanan ni..jaga BP elok2..mmg yg aweng tulis tu tanda2 pre-eclampsia..byk2 berehat..jaga makan jugak tau!..kekadang makanan yg dimakan pun leh buat sakit kepala…byk ajinomoto ke..garam ke..:)…heheh jgn jd mcm k ina udah le…asyik makan nasi daging merah 3 hari turut tu la yg terus k ina naik ambulans masuk spital slayang..c-zer teruss…heehhe.

  7. tuh la.. takut gak k ina… kene pulak family ade history… huhuhuhu…

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