What I feel About My Job?

While Jac posting about what she felt about her job recently, I also wanna post about the same topic. Very simple,


Sekian, terima kasih…..


5 Responses

  1. hmm no comment…

  2. sama la kita weng..huhu..my job is okay (bolehla).. i just hate the administration works (letter writings and documentation thing). hari2 kena mengadap surat2 yg bertimbun..kalo setakat kena baca je takpe gak, ni nak kena jawab plak..adoila..help me!!! i need a few support staff!

    btw..kita sama2 bersabar ye weng..huhu

  3. Ninie: Memang no comment. Thats y post camtuh jek.. bengang sangat! sabo… sabo… hehehehhe.. pujuk diri sendiri…

    Nisa: Memang iya Nisa… our management skang kan dah macam diamond. kurang supportive staff… inilah nasib kita… memang kena banyak2 bersabar… sib baik ada org2 yang sama2 memahami macam korang.. legaaa dapat luah perasaan 😀

  4. I think nobody loves his job and likes his boss!! That’s why i quit my last one and I am expecting a new one on this coming April’s fool! Honestly, thing is worse when your boss is a SHE! and I am getting one myself soon. Fingers crossed!

  5. Correcto! Good luck dear! 🙂

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