Respect other people’s property

I am seriously frustrated last night. I am frustrated to those people who use other people’s property without getting permission from the owner.

The story had begun on last Thursday. Hubby called me and telling me that his friend had used his WAP services for about 2 hrs while he was sleeping. I’m like “Apa? 2 jam? Dia tahu tak berapa charge WAP tu? Abang ada bagitau dia tak?” I’m seriously shocked with this news. Then, hubby replied “Abang dah bagitau. Dia kata dia akan bayar. Ntah, dia guna waktu abang tido tadi”. OhMiGod!

Actually, last time, I and hubby happened to used the WAP services for about almost 1 hrs, and it costs us almost RM100, which I seriously think doesn’t worth it at all! So, when hubby told me this again, I’m pretty worried. I’m not worried that he won’t pay, but I’m just worried that he thought the same thing that I and hubby thought last time when we received the bill. I afraid that he thinks we are trying to cheat on him by asking him to pay so much.

And today, I received the bill. And, guess what? The WAP itself end up to be billed up to RM158.20. And what makes me more frustrated is, his friend actually used the WAP services not only on that afternoon. But, it’s actually started as early as 1 am in the morning, then stops at about 2.30am, then start again on afternoon, where hubby claimed that he’s been using it for 2 hrs. He on and off the services about 10 times through out the day. What is that mean? Meaning, when he 1st time used the WAP, he might not even asking permission from my hubby! Which I totally disagreed with this kind of attitude! What if he doesn’t even tell my hubby that he’s been using it? For sure I will later call the service provider and argue with them for the thing that I and hubby actually doesn’t know who’s been using. When I called hubby and ask him whether he noticed or not when actually his friend used the services, he replied “Ntahlah. Tak apalah, dia kata dia akan bayar.”

I know I and hubby were those kinds of people that got this “tak apa” attitude. But, that doesn’t mean that we will happily let other people use our thing without our permission! It will make thing worst if the people misuse the property!

I give you an example if friend of mine driving my car. I really don’t mind if people wanted to drive my car (read: actually I prefer, because I don’t like to drive) or wanted to borrow it for any purposes (read: If I’m not using it). Usually, I will happily lend it to them without asking so many questions. I like to help my friends. However, in the same time, I hope that she/he will take a good care of my car and drive it carefully so that it won’t caught in any accident or any “saman” from police traffic (due to speeding). Because, if he/she failed to do so, I know I will be in trouble. I’m not kind of people who will ask for money from that person to pay the “saman” or the repair charges. I’m just feeling bad to ask, though I know it was his/her fault. That’s why, I and hubby always got trust in our friends. And, we hope that they won’t break the trust that we build for them.

After this incident, I hope my hubby’s friend won’t be upset when hubby told him the amount that he need to pay (maybe he had used to it? I don’t know). I keep reminding hubby to please tell his friend not be to shocked when hearing about the amount that he need to pay. And don’t try to think that we are cheating, because….. I’m here, 24 seven hours ready with the bill if he refuses to pay. I hate to be behaving like this. I and hubby actually wasn’t that kind of sarcastic type of person. I’m just worried that we finally will end up paying the bill because we scared that people call us cheater or we feel bad to ask the person to pay (what if the person not earning that much amount of money to pay the bill?)

Call me anything you want. Stingy…. Or anything… I am not ok! I am not penny-pinching or whatever that you are going to call me. I am just too calculative when come to irrational thing like this. I am not earning like a grand amount of money every month! I am a moderate earner. That’s why; I had no choice but to be reasonable in every cent that I have to spent everyday. I could say, being calculative to myself is the way of my life. I and hubby are trying to save as much as we can every month and planning our financial in a very good manner and in details, hoping that it will prepare us for our future.

And last but not least, I just want people to respect my property while I myself also will respect other people’s property as well. That’s all!


4 Responses

  1. Hubby kena be aware of keeping his personal belongings safe and sound. Bahaya…esok-esok kena curik pulak camne? Yeop memang jenis tak berkira dari dulu sampai la skrg…

  2. memang iya…
    takut orang amik kesempatan jek…
    sapa susah? kami dan keluarga kami jugakkkkk….
    susah ek ada org macam ni?

  3. erm……

  4. Ada salah cakap ker? Muahhhh! 😆

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