Shopaholic and Sister

I have finished the novel Shopaholic & Sister yesterday.


So, how was it?

From my point of view, I like the novel so much! I like Becky’s character in this novel. She’s kind, sensitive to other people’s feelings, good daughter, good wife, and good sister and good in almost every aspect. The only thing that I don’t like about her is her shopaholic illness. Seriously mad! She’s in debt in I don’t know how many credit cards. She even hides a few credit cards from her husband’s knowing just to fulfill her shopping madness. Crazy!

Other than that, I also like other character, like her husband, Luke, her best friend, Suze and her long lost sister, Jess. The writer put it in such way that made me like them! Their roles were very clear from the starts until the end of this novel.

I like her long lost sister’s way in managing her financial. She’s very good in saving in her money. Not like Becky. Jess was right when she said Becky was a spoilt daughter and wife. She never experience what Jess experienced. More over, she had a businessman hubby and quiet helpful parents. So, she doesn’t have to think about how to save her money.

However, I’m so touched with her effort to see her half sister in Cumbria. She tried every effort and experienced so much new things in her life just to persuade Jess to accept her as a long lost half sister.

I also like the ending of this novel. It makes me crying a bit… hehhehhe… a bit only ok! Everything went very well after the incident when she terribly falls in a mountain. Jess confessed her as a half sister, Suze came back to her as her very best friend and Luke forgave her for her wrongdoings and she finally managed to save her marriage which she thought was in tatters.

Worth reading it! So sweet of Becky!

I know… I’m a typical novel reader…. I like happy ending story… I think, I’m among those people who will burn the cinema if the ending of the story wasn’t went well as per my expectation, happy ending…. Hahahhaha… Like the Bollywooders…. hahahhahhaha…. 😀

p/s: I think, I should read other series of this shopaholic novel. Anybody volunteer to lend it to me? :mrgreen:


7 Responses

  1. anis blh pinjamkan 🙂

  2. yeeeehooooooo!
    TQ Anis!
    Nanti kita kasi konpem bila nak pinjam….

  3. ko kena start dengan the secret dreamworld of shopaholic la weng.. baru betul.. hohoho

  4. memang iya…
    lepas bace baru tahu.. hari tuh kan main beli jek…
    tp, xpelah, anis dah nak kasi pinjam… hehehhehe….

  5. hi…i also just finished with book…i pun punbaca tunggang terbalik. 1st book is Shopaholic & baby…got at MPH Warehouse only RM20

  6. Kak Fin ada complete set. Mmg best! Sophie Kinsella yg lain pun Kak Fin ada. Errkkk novel2 lain pun Kak Fin ada…kalo mau pinjam meh dtg umah hehe.

  7. kak is or panggil kak watie ek? mari kita sama2 bace tunggang terbalik.. x kisah ah ek… kalu buku best bace gaya mana pun mesti masyuk…. kan? ni aweng dah ada org pinjamkan ni hah.. baik hati betul kawan2 aweng ni kan? kene berusaha lebih ni…

    kak fynn: Tq kak Fynn for offering… Ngan dah kasik pinjam a few semalam. X sempat tengok lagi cpmplete ke x? (sambil jeling2 kat ngan). Kalau x complete, kak Fynn kasi pinjam eh :D. TQ again!

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