Tagg 4

This tag was from kak Fynn. Actually I think I had done it before. It was from kak Aishah. But, last time was only 7 facts of myself. Anyway, I thought, maybe I will just re-do it with some alteration here and there.

Ok here they are:

1. I’m a blackish girl during school time. Seriously! So, to reduce the melanin to grow more on my skin, I used to bring umbrella to cover myself. But, still doesn’t work!

2. I had an experience in approaching a guy (oops!). Don’t want to reveal more.

3. I’m a very slow type. Especially doing houseworks.

4. Usually reading could make me sleepy even until now. But, don’t be surprise; I’m now joining a book club and planning to read quite nos of novel. We’ll see…. Bravo Amisah!

5. I’m a hot temper type of person. Luckily I married to my very patient hubby. Or else?

6. Usually I’m type of person that very hard to feel excited on anything. Don’t know why… very boring huh?

7. Usually I prefer plain water than sugared drinks, especially coffee. It made me headache. Recently, since I enter my 3rd month’s pregnancy, I addicted to Chrysanthemum tea. Coffee? Still cannot!

And, the additional fact of myself is:

8. I owned a tiny manual type of Perodua kelisa since 2004 until now. I loveeeeee this car so much! But now, I feel a bit regret not to buy the auto type last time. So tired wooo driving this car in KL! Still, I love it and will keep it until I got enough money to buy my future dream car! (or, should I just keep it forever? Jimat minyak woooo!)

Tagg 8 peoples? Maybe not need, as I already tagged them in my previous entry. So, chiow!


3 Responses

  1. masa k ina baca ni..ingat ada la habit aweng yg tak suka sikat rambut after mandi or cuci rambut…hehehe…dah berubah ekk..:P

  2. hahahhaha…
    sabau jer la kak ina ni…
    masih sama la kak ina…
    masih camtuh jugak.. berubah sket jek….
    tapi, dah suh reveal 8 facts je… ehehhehehe….

  3. Hahaha. Tq cz buat yek. Sayang dia.

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