Meeting old friends

Alhamdulillah, last night at least I had a better sleep. My coughing gets even better compared to last 2 days night. So, I made conclusion that,

First: Don’t “mengelat” to take your medicines given by doctor during your pregnancy (especially the Vit C). Lack of this vitamin could be one of the reasons why I get this coughing again.

Secondly: Don’t use any fan/aircond (anything that could make you cold at night) when sleeping during your coughing period. I tried this one last nite, and I think it works for me!

Alhamdulillah… Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Aminnnn

Oh ya! Yesterday I had a very good day on evening until night time. I met few old friends of mine.

I first head to Kota Damansara to my ex-house to see my ex-housemate, Kak Ayu (also my ex-colleague) and Ila. They were so surprised when I arrived in front of their house. Actually, I didn’t plan to surprise them. I did call them before, but couldn’t be reaching until the moment when I arrived at the parking area of their house. So, what choice that I have? Surprise! Hehhehehe….. Lot of things to talk about. But, I could only spent less than hour’s chit chatting with them while watching Spa Q 2 😀 (2 in 1). They were the best housemates that I ever had in my life (before I got married). Miss kak Ayu’s Tomyam, miss Ila’s laughing that sounds like “mengilai”, miss our moment breaking fast together, miss the moment when we had banana fritters with ice cream…. Oh my! It’s all gone now. Really missed them!

After performing my Maghrib prayer, I then drove to d Curve to meet other friends of mine, Azyantee and Ms Liew (Amoi). Both of them were my ex-colleagues back when I was working at KTA Tenaga at PJ. They were my cubicle mates at that time. Lots of life experiences that I learnt from them. Good advice and a very good sista as well. We even got very sweet moments in Bandung back in 2006. Amoi now had migrated to Australia with her families. So, this time she’s back for Chinese New Year’s holiday. Not to miss the chance to meet her, we had out dinner at Paddington Pancake House. Lots of stories to tell and share. Amoi’s new lifestyle in Australia, theirs kids, pregnancies stories, friends, hair cutting, etc. We laugh so much until we didn’t realize the time. At 10pm, we hug each other and say good bye until the next meeting which I don’t know when.

Me, Azyantee and Amoi

Us: Me, Azyantee and Amoi

At least, these 2 meetings cheer my day up yesterday. Thank you to kak Ayu, Ila, Azyantee and Amoi for being my such good friends.

I pray that kak Ayu and Ila will meet a good guy someday to be their husband.

I pray that Amoi will be happy and strong in Australia with her families there.

And I pray that I and Azyantee will be healthy and will deliver our baby safely on mid of this year.



4 Responses

  1. so schweet..

  2. Misha, mama & papa dah balik dari menunaikan haji ke?

  3. weng…why dont you try cara vicks letak kat kaki..mana tau boleh baik sikit batuk ko tu.

  4. ninie: yang tudung hitam tuh paling schweet kan? 😀

    mak ana: dah. hari sabtu petang. alhamdulillah diorang dua2 sihat.

    fanor: aku meang ada guna vicks tu.. letak kat kaki, dada, leher dan belakang… memang ada baik sikit…

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