Separated for 2 months?

I’m pretty sad today…. Y? Hubby went for courses at Perak for 2 months. 2 months? Yup! 2 months! Ridiculous right? That’s my hubby’s office style for induction, keluarga angkat and army courses. Since we got married, we had never been separated from each other for more than 2 weeks. Never in my life yet! This is my 1st time. It does hurts me. Huhuhuhu…. 😥

Not even half a day after his departures, I could feel the loneliness inside me. So lonely. I appreciated him more now.

On evening, after performing my Asar prayer, I went out to buy dinner for myself and Opah. I also went to Giant myself to get chrysanthemum drinks, milk and biscuit. Huhuhhuhu….

All this reminds me of hubby. Usually, he will always be there to buy me dinner, lunch, breakfast and accompany me and drive me to Giant where ever he could. He usually never disappoints his wife. He will always be there for me for anything… Only now, I can’t rely on him for 2 months, until early of March. Huhuhuhuhuhu…. I’m sad! I’m Crying…. 😥 😥 😥

We got to know about these courses on last Friday. On Saturday, I suddenly feel that I having sore throat at night. Then, on Sunday, it getting worst and finally I had to be absent from works from Monday until today. My sore throat was gone and replaced with bad coughing. So bad until I couldn’t even sleep at night. Hubby as well. Pity to him. Of course he worried to left his wife behind with this sick condition. I also never expect that I will experience this coughing again for 2nd time during my 3 months pregnancy. Is that sign of sadness? I don’t know… It’s just coincidently happened in that way. I hope it’s not and it will disappear quickly.

I know, maybe I’m too much in crying out for his departures. I know a lot of you readers experienced worst than mine. I know…. But, I’m just writing here hoping that all of you could at least console, soothe, calm or maybe cheer me up so that it could relieve my sadness. It was so hard for me to go through this 1st time experience especially with my present condition. I’m just so sad. Sooooo sad…. 😥 😥 😥 😥

I pray to Allah that He will ease my hubby in facing all the challenges in that Courses and passed all the tests there. Let him be safe and healthy all the time.

Ya Allah! Kau lindungilah suamiku ya Allah! Berikan dia kekuatan dan kesihatan ya Allah! Hanya Engkau tempat kami bermohon dan mengharap ya Allah! Aminnnn….


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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Ni mak Ana ni…anak Pah Andak. Tetiba terjumpa blog ni. Tahniah dah mengandung…jaga diri elok2 jgn terlalu ikutkan perasaan. Mak Ana masih lagi berusaha untuk conceive. Belum rezeki Allah nak beri. Nanti Mak Ana pun sama la mcm Misha, suami akan ke Jepun end of this month…pun 2 bulan jugak. Huhuhu….kirim salam semua ye, lama tak ziarah.

  2. by the way, izin mak ana link kan blog misha kat blog mak ana ye…

  3. Waalaikumsalam mak Ana,

    TQ! 🙂
    Takpe mak Ana, sentiasa ada hikmah di sebaliknya kan? Mak Ana Sabar banyak2. Kita sama2 doa pada DIA.

    saya pun link blog mak Ana k! boleh tukar2 cite.

  4. ibu mengandung.. siannye.. hmmm dah agak dah.. mesti sbb byk nangis jd x sihat nih.. cian.. baby ckp “be strong mama! chaiyok2!!”

  5. jangan banyak nangis aweng.. nanti baby kuar kuat nangis, inherit dr mommy dia.. 😀

    be strong darl.. biasa la tuh.. time preggy sume jadi sensitive.. take good care.. makan UBAT!

    ps : recommend aweng amik neurogain.. good for baby’s brain development..

  6. ninie: thanks for concerning

    kak aishah: huhuhu.. tulah.. tahan2 jek perasaan ni… aweng memang ada amik neurogain tuh. besar nak mampus! tapi, baby punya pasal, paksekan jugak diri… memang kene betol2 gagah ni!

  7. huhu…sian…jgn dok sedih2 ok..tak elok tu…ok lagi hubby gi perak berkursus…kalu jauh2 ke oversea???haaaa mau haruu…ok la tuu kan..kene biasa2kan diri ok..k ina pun selalu gak kene tinggal..mmg parah nk wat cmne..telan aje la…so happy2 kan diri anda…

  8. Tq kak ina…
    Aweng ingat tu… insya Allah…

  9. Kak Fin dah tulis pjg lebar tp error. So saya majuk lah hehe.

    Tp pendek kata Kak Fin tak penah pisah dgn Abg Adam lebih 1 week n Kak Fin penah kena tinggal 3wks masa ngandungkan Nabeel cz Abg Adam g vietnam. So kesimpulannya dok umah mertua or ajak kwn dok umah teman. Kalo sorg2 sure nangis nyelah hehe.

  10. Tq kak Fynn for concerning… rinduuuuu woooo yg x tahan tuuuuuuuu 😥

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