Banyaknya makan!

I was busy with some office budgeting works yesterday and today as well. Really really busy. Actually, I’m helping other colleagues of mine. But, it doesn’t seem like helping, more than owning. Huh! I don’t really mind about owning or helping, but the point that I wanted to highlight here is, whether helping or owning, I reallyyyyyyy need a cooperation. So that, I can finish it smoothly, and I don’t need to postpone and postpone and postpone it again and again. Such a big hassle for a mini job. Mini? Ye ker? Maybe!

Oklah, forget about the works!

Yesterday, I and Ninie went for quick lunch with Jac, BF and her Mom. We had it at Ikan Bakar Istana, and the most intesresting part is all of it was on Jac! TQ Jac! Toce…toce…. I and Jac’s mom had cencaru, Ninie had Ikan Kembung while Jac sharing Ikan pari with BF. As usual, the food was really nice and soooo yummy!

I don’t have any photos of us having the ikan bakar. But, I managed to grab this very last photo which captured in front of DTSM (with Jac’s mom and BF helps).

Me, Jac, Ninie and Hafis

Me, Jac, Ninie and Hafis

At first, I don’t really feel so sad to let Jac go. But, when I hugged her for the last time (actually 1st time also), I couldn’t stop my tears from dropping. I was sooooo sad coz all the happy moments that I have with her suddenly like popping in my head. I dont know why…. It was so sudden and I don’t feel like letting her to go… Sob sob sob…. I know Ninie feel sadder than me (because her room was just next to Jac’s room). However, as a friend, we still hope that she will fly there safely, have a new happy work environment, enjoy the life there and pray the best for her (includes settling down her life. That’s for sure!). Good luck for you Jac! Such a wonderful experience in knowing you all this while (though I may don’t want to admit it before :p) sob sob sob….

In evening, I went back home a bit late (due the works mentioned above). So, arriving at home with hungry stomach made me so greedy in thinking of what to have for my dinner. Im thinking of nan cheese at ampang and Halal Hometown Yong Tau Fu which also located at Ampang. Hehehhe…. So greedy!

Due to lateliness (buat-buat paham jak lah ah), we stop by at opah’s house first (actually, ibu mengandung want to use opah’s toilet for vomiting). So, after vomited, the clock shows 10 mins to 7pm, which nearly to Maghrib time. So, we went to opah’s kitchen and see whether got anything to munch first, some kind of alas perut la kononnya. There’s ketam sweet sour. So, for “alas perut” I have the ketam with rice and sayur kobis. Licin habis! Hahhahhaa… alas perutlah sangat.

After Maghrib, I and hubby head to Hometown Yong Tau Fu at Wangsa Melawati branch and ordered:

the yong tow foo: fried soi kow (the best!), char kuoy, foo chok (also best!), round fried tow foo (p/s: did you notice the 4 fingers? saja jak interprem. Hubby's finger la tuh)

Slrrrpppp! They served all of these with this plain soup (also nice though!).

the plain soup and

the plain soup, white tow foo (normal cheap tow foo. Not recommended) and fried tow foo

Before went back, I ask hubby to stop at Bihun sup stall in front of 7E, coz my stomach still feels like empty. Empty? Yes, feels like nothing inside! Aiyoyyoo…. Unluckily, the bihun wasn’t that nice. Huhuhuhu… I only managed to try one spoon of it and leave it to hubby and others to finish it up. (teringat pulak kat Puan Mas punya bihun sup.. sedapnya!)


5 Responses

  1. aku rasa makin hari makin layan blog ni macam tgk blog restoran makan je weng.. huhuhu

  2. hahahahhaha….
    layan jgn x layan….
    ni je la masa aku nak makan ni…
    susah nak jumpe masa2 camni tau mas…
    laki aku pun layan jek..
    nak makan nyer sikit jek, yg lain, laki aku sapu… tompang sekaki…

  3. ahahaha..setujuu!!
    wat org lapo jer..
    isk budak nih..betul la..

    p/s: mak aku cakap..apsal ko kecik je?

  4. hehehehhe… tu ler tujuannya, supaya kawan2 aku meningkat sama cam aku… hihihihhiihihi….

    kecik? ye ker? baju kot… kain aku sume dah sempit la ngan…. 😥
    tapi, x kira! nak pakai jugak! ahahhaha… tuh la kot rahsianya…. ngeh ngeh ngeh…

  5. ahahahaa..
    nanti aku gtau mak aku..

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