So happy, so sad

Too free today? Not really, just wanted to share something about my feelings today…

Today is Friday, meaning? Tomorrow will be an off day! 😆 yahoo! 😀 waiting for this day to come really makes me sick this week. Im sooo not into working this week. why? dont know…. maybe due to my health condition.. a bit weak I would say…

Why got the sad wording on the entry’s title? Yes, im so saddddd…. Jac (one of my best buddy in office) leaving us very soon. She just collected her Visa this afternoon… I am so sad yet happy for her for pursuing his career path in UK in 2 weeks time from now… Jac, how could you leave us? Sob sob sob…. Im gonna miss you my dear.. miss your joke, miss your dancing, miss every happy moment in here… sob sob sob… 😥


2 Responses

  1. I miss you too!!
    All the best on your journey towards being a mother!

    Send me some ‘aura’ ..ya.

  2. TQ…
    I will my dear…
    Find a good, rich and handsome mat salleh k! ehehehhe….

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