Mesin Lipat Baju

Im now damn fed up with the wordpress services! 😡 Lots of things that limited to use in here, such as uploading videos, which I just become aware of it today! They don’t allow you to upload that normal type of videos (MPEG) unless you buy their upgrade issues. Huh! Seriously frustrating! Sudahlah mau bukak page pun lembap!

Hmmmmm, due to that, Im now thinking of switching to blogspot… Should I? Hmmm…. 🙄

Anyway, actually I wanted to share this video with you all. Have you watch it before?


(see! i have to use blogspot account to tompang so that you all could watch the video)

One of my colleagues sent me via email on last Friday. I then forwarded it to my friend, as well as my beloved hubby (since he keep ask me for an interesting email).

The issue here was, when I fetched him (my hubby) at his office in the same day evening, I was so shock seeing him carrying a big empty box. When I asked him, he replied “Nak buat mesin lipat baju”. I was like what? 😯 Hahahahahha…. I thought he was joking. But I then realize that I was totally wrong when we arrived at home. He was so serious and excited in making the so called “machine”, with intention that he could ease his wife burden in folding our shirts every time… I’m so touched with his intentions though I’m still feeling unbelievable that he could try the video (read: until now I still keep laughing when looking at him using the machine). It works you know!








Not bad huh the outcome?

So good having a wonderful, nice, kind, helpful (and the list would never ends) hubby like him! Bodek! :mrgreen: hehehhe…. I love you Abang! Muahks! 😀


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  1. wordpress still allows uploading video.i just tried and it works.why not you try again

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