Bad Dream

Again, last nite I had another bad dream about my family… It is about one of my uncle & my grandpa… Unlogical but scary.

The dream started with windy windy background (similar to in horror movie). Then, I suddenly hanging onto like unstable structure made from wood… Holding too long made me fell down to the ground, and there started the horror story…

I entered one house where all my family members in there. They were like waiting for something for coming and don’t talk each other. Then, one of them whispering to me, “They are coming. Please pretend that they are still alive like us” In this dream, my grandpa and my uncle were dead don’t know when. Then, it seem like their spirit still wanna stay in our house and they even don’t know that they were dead. (like in Ghost Whisperer movie pulak)…

The wind blowing soooo fast… They arrived and mix around with all of us like usual. All of us also treat them like they are still alive…

The dreams continue with other unlogical situation. Other bad spirit came and…. I don’t really remember what was happened then…. nama pun mimpi kan…

Luckily my phone alarm ringing and make me wake up and stopped the bad dream… huh! dont like to have this kind of dream!


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