SNOWFLY Shoes for sale

I bought the shoes at Parkson Alamanda. I wore it only about 4 or 5 times. Why? ❓

Actually, when I bought it first time, I took size 4, then, the next morning when I wore it, I found that the size was too small for my feet. So, I went back to Alamanda and ask for change to size 5. And again, the next morning, I feel like the size wasn’t fit for my leg again… This time, the size was too big… Too lazy to go back to Alamanda, I decided to try it out few more times… hoping that it would be fit ngam-ngam to my feet since people always say leather shoes will change when you keep wearing it. However, after 4 or 5 times, it doesn’t fit my feet at all! Seriously frustrated! 😡 (Read: usually I wear size 5 or 6)




So, im now have to accept the fact that actually I couldn’t wear the shoes, Unless, they have size 4 and half…. So sad…. 😦 I like the shoes so much…..

To let go the shoes, im now smashing down the price to RM200 instead of RM270 which still negotiable if anybody interested to nego.

Anyone? 😯


6 Responses

  1. Cuba try pakai nfan stokin, boleh muat kut.

  2. dah cuba dah k ayu… macam-macam cara dah cuba… tambah padding lah… letak tape kat kaki la… x ok jugak 😦
    lagi time jalan tuh kain baju kurung tuh asik sangkut kat dalam kasut tuh… tension jek…
    agaknye, saiz tuh sebenarnya 7 kot kalau saiz kasut biase yang kita pakai tuh…
    sabau je lah….

  3. I have a question about my foot. 3 mths ago i bought
    a pair of shoes (size 6 or 7)from your oulet at Metrojaya Mid Valley. In my right feet was fitted with your shoe; but in my left feet, there was too big when i walk, the left shoe loose from my feet. Could you give me some advise what to do?

  4. ms tiu,

    I think you throw a question to a wrong person. I do not own any outlet that selling this shoe. I’m also a customer like you…..

  5. cutting laen maa..

  6. erk! blur 2 the max….

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