Swimming Class

Today I wanna story about my swimming class.

Actually, I attended the class on June last year. I successfully finished my 1st level on time (8 classes for one month)… Sib baik, kalau ndak, kenak tambah duit pulak…

I then proceed with the 2nd level on the following month… After completing about 4 classes, I suddenly caught in minor accident (fell down into longkang) at Lumut, which caused me to have 3 stitches at my “tulang kering”. Could you imagine how suffer I am at that time (read: Im that kind of people that “mabuk darah” badly) So, I called up the teacher and told them that I have to postpone another 4 classes due to that stitches. They agreed and ask me to call them back when I recover and ready to continue the classes.

end of last year, I called them up and told them that I’m now ready to continue the class. However, sadly they gave me the wrong schedule that caused me to missed the class.

So, on August this year, I gave them a call again and ask whether I can join the classes already or not. Then they said, the classes will start after Hari Raya and they will let me know the new schedule after Raya.

On last Sunday, they SMS me informing that the classes will start at 8 Nov 2008, on this Saturday.. Huhhuhu.. Actually I feel like quitting the classes because am phobia when thinking of swimming at 10 feet of swimming pool!!!!!!! Uwaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But, my 1st level cert still with them 😦 . And also, sayang the money that I had paid them. Uwaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Im now praying so much that they won’t bring me to that 10 feet deep swimming pool. Im sooooo scared when looking down into the water… Feels soooo deep man! Arghhhh!!!!!! How should I calm down and persuade myself? Help me reader to give me some motivation… I wish i can finish the classes with flying colour without any not good incident happened. Help me Ya Allah! Please give the strength… Pleaseeee…..


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