I just finished with my ironing works! Wow! Syabas betti! Ehehhehe….

Actually, I started doing my housework last nite (just started since I came back from Sabah for almost 2 weeks!). Yesterday, Im done with folding works, unpacking those shirts and pants from 2 of our bags, some ironing and some other housework stuffs.

So, today, everything settled! More to go for the next next day… wellll…. never ending works as we need them to cover our sexy body… ehehehhe…

im happy being an efficient person after so called my dark time lately 😀 alhamdulillah….

What else?

As I said in my previous entry, today was a Raya celebration in our office. Very happening and we enjoy it though there are some hiccups here in there especially on food issues. Pity at some staff, especially those who came from out of our HQ like Sabah, Penang, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan as well. There were also surprises for those staff celebrating their birthday this month. The cake and brownies also very yummy! Secret Recipe mari! Nyum! Nyum!

Ok you all have to proceed with monthly budgeting pulak.

here are some photos of the Raya celebration. enjoy!


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