Hectic days

I had a dreadfully exhausting day for the past 2 days. At work and house as well.

At work, as usual ought to be report and report and other non-engineering stuffs. Today also will be another busying day for me at work, as I’m going for on leave for 2 weeks for this Raya season. After came back from holiday, I’m going to attend NIOSH course at Bangi for 6 days, starting from 13-18 October. So, I guess you could imagine how busy I am, to make sure every single unsettled works been passed to other colleagues, so that it won’t heap on my table once I came back to the office.

For the housework, the heat of raya has started as early as on Wednesday night. My hubby was busy with his laundry work, while I busy with my folding work and the monthly budgeting. I had paid the car’s installment, our telephone bills, water & electricity bills, our broadband, transfer anything needed and some other necessary stuffs. At 12am, I have to stop all the businesses since all the online banking had stop their services for 2 hours which I don’t think I had the strength to wait. So, I left my credit card bills to be settled off by today.

On Thursday, continuing the busyness at house with my ironing and folding works. My hubby also has done with his laundry works (yes, another laundry. And another one waits him by today as he doesn’t want to leave any unwashed laundry before we go for balik kampong this Saturday). Then, he started playing games, reading news online then only started with his duit raya budgeting stuffs. Its really annoys me. Why? Don’t want to elaborate more in here. Welll…. it is part of ups and downs of marriage life. I better keep it in myself. Huh!

Due to the last night’s melancholy, I woke up very early in the morning. So, I’m now in office earlier than I should be in. That’s why I got some ample time to type this entry.

Ok guys, have to stop and starts my office work. Till then… Wassalam….


2 Responses

  1. lama tak update blog..


  2. ok ok…

    manyak bz lah amoi…

    line internet pun x berapa ok kat sini…

    i update sikit sikit ok!

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