Missed the meeting

After completed with my raya cookies project for the past 1 week, I started busy with my normal house works.

Last night I’ve done with my ironing project. Fuh! The entire 2 weeks job was done in about 3.5 hours… Could you imagine how tired I am? Luckily I got my TV and my beloved hubby to accompany me until I finished all of them at about 2.15am.

And then, this morning I continued with my shirt’s folding works. I took almost 2 hours to finish the works. Alhamdulillah… Then, I lepaking with my hubby watching MELODI until 1.30pm.

Actually, I rushed to finish all the works by afternoon because I had planned to hang out with cik Suhai and cik Czah at Taman melati (cik Czah’s house). So, I called up cik Suhai this moring, and she promised to call me once she reached cik Czah’s house. I waited for her call until 5pm, and guess what? She forgot to call me… She thought I had called cik Czah and didn’t manage to turn up. Because, she saw cik Czah talked to the phone with her friends (which she thought was me!) Uwaaaa!!!! How could she? Never mind, if I got time tomorrow’s nite, I might be joining them for another raya cookies project… hehhhehe… Actually, I just wanted to meet them before I go back to my hometown for Raya on this coming weekend. It’s been a while since our very last meeting in KLCC. So, hopefully I will have time to meet them tomorrow.

Ok you all have to go to get some sleep…. Really need a rest before I start with the Monday blues tomorrow 😦 So, Chiow everybody!


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