My new office room :-)

Today, I was busy moving to my new office (actually new room). FYI, since I join this gov agency, this was the first time ever that I’ve been located to so called a room. When I first join, they put me in one ex-store room, sharing with another colleague of mine. Then, when my colleague moves to another proper room, I’ve been moving to another room, which was an ex-meeting room. In fact, they got one empty room for me at that time. But, due to miscommunication, they gave the room to others. Hmmm… Not a big deal for me as I previously used to work in open workplace when I’m in private. So, I never been bothered to be placed anywhere they like. Then, today when my same colleague moves to another unit, then only they ask me to transfer to her room.

Hehehe… here is the photo of my new room 🙂

Very simple and old school yet still comfortable.

Ok, finish with the new room story.

Then, on evening, actually I should have a meeting with my boss. Since the meeting was postponed to tomorrow morning, I grabbed that opportunity to go to Shah Alam (my ex-office). Actually, I went there to take a compilation of British Standard softcopy files. I forgot to copy that file when I left the company. Now, when my hubby needs it, then only I take an effort to go back and copy that file. Luckily I had my really helpful ex-colleague. Thanks a lot to Amoi and Azri (my ex-draughtsman).

At night
Since the pineapple jam that I made yesterday was too little, my hubby offered me his hand to make an additional paste tonight. We reached home by 9.30pm. Then, I quickly do my part and put the blended pineapple into pot. To use the pot instead of wok was a very smart idea, because I don’t have to wait and stir the paste all the time in front of the stove. It eases my job a lot. I even can just leave it to boil and dry and sometimes stir it to make sure it doesn’t burn. This time around, we manage to finish the cooking within 2 hours time (instead of 4 hours) which I never think that we could achieve.

At 12am, I manage to clean my kitchen, and have time to blogging 🙂 … ehehhehe… Thanks Abang for helping! (Though a bit “hangat-hangat taik ayam”)… Keh keh keh… sayang Abang! (bodek supaya lain kali boleh tolong lagi 😀 )..

K guys, have to go and get some sleep now… Till then…. Astalavista….


4 Responses

  1. nanti nak makan kuih nenas tu..

  2. boleh.. kita buat open office ok?

  3. wah..dah ada bilik..sungguh jeles…

  4. ngeh ngeh ngeh….
    boleh tido dan makan sesuke ati dalam bilik eh….
    nak melalak2 pun xpe…

    tapi, ntah-ntah lepas ni kena halau keluar balik…
    diorang ni bukan boleh predict..
    mentang-mentanglah kita ni SYMP…
    sedih btol…

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