Busy Body

Just now, me and hubby went to bank to pay our car monthly hire purchase rental. After done with that business, we went to Mc D at Ulu Kelang as my hubby feeling like eating an ice cream. When we exit the Mc D drive thru, suddenly we notice a police patrol car. They were like rushing to catch something or person.

To be honest, me and hubby were that type called “busy body” when come to anything abnormal happened on the road… Especially if we see a sudden oddly traffic jammed along the MRR2.

It always happened when we drive back to our house at Keramat from my in law house at Ulu Kelang. Eg: If we drive heading to Keramat from Ulu Kelang, then suddenly there is a traffic jammed heading to Gombak from Ampang, we would find an alternative way to find the head and the tail of that traffic jammed…. Just to see how bad the traffic jammed is, or what causes the jammed. Ehehehhee…. Too busy body huh?

But please bear in mind that, we were not that kind of people who stop or slowing down just to watch an accident on the road….

We were not truly Malaysian when come to this kind of “busy body”. As until today, our busy body never caused another traffic jammed as you always could see on the road (jammed on your way of traffic because of a road accident on the opposite road).

Oh…. go back to our story… So, when seeing the patrol’s car, my hubby looking at me and asking “nak jadik busy body lagi ker?” Im just laughing and say “wokeh bebeh! Come and see what is happening” Ehehehhe…. We make a U-turn just to see what is going on there. We saw 3 patrol’s car with 1 van… The police surrounds the van, seems like looking for something. As my hubby drive at normal speed, I couldn’t see much and couldn’t guess what is happening there…. To be more busy body, I ask my hubby to make a U-turn again… Ehehehe… The worst busy body that I’ve done in my life…. The second round also resulted nothing. That place was too dark…. So frustrating….. With that, we decided to head back to our home and hoping that tomorrow’s newspaper could tell us something about that incident…. Sigh…. Unsuccessful and wasting time…..


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