OUr 1st Ramadhan


We had gone through our 1st Ramadhan today, our sahur, our berbuka and our terawih…. Everything going smooth without any difficulties… Alhamdulillah…

Me and hubby had our berbuka at my in law’s house… We had rice and some lauk-pauk…. Very simple…. Good, as we have set our determination not to misspend for Ramadhan this year… If possible, we would not go for buka puasa buffet at any restaurant… will also suggest this to my in law (will see whether we succeed or not… ehehhehe 🙂 )

Actually, both of us don’t prefer to have our berbuka outside. We don’t like all the hassles that we have to gone through, such as traffic congestion on the way to the place/restaurant, queuing to get the food, crowded at the dining, have trouble with the place for praying etc…. I don’t think it’s worth to face the entire setback, just to have a buffet menu which for sure you cant had it all. Some more, you have to pay an extra money compared to if you berbuka at your own home sweet home, with all the convenients. Saves your money a lot! And preventing you from over eating of course!

Unless, you attending for meeting your friends, like reunion etc…. Then, it would be a different story…

Ok, already 11.30pm…. Time to Zzzzzzzzz….. have to wake up for sahur tomorrow….
Hopefully me and hubby could achieve our goal by the end of Ramadhan…Pray the best! Aminnnn…


2 Responses

  1. weh, before ada anak, why not buka puasa di luar sekali beb.. kang ada si kecik, mimpi la nak merasa berbuka di luar.. aku last sekali berbuka dengan harris sebelum kawen gitu.. dah kawen haram!! last year bersalin, this year dah aiman mula aktif.. sekian.. langsung x merasa la beb.. kui kui kui

  2. Tuh la masalahnye…
    laki bini ni memang anti sosial… ehehhehe….

    series weh!
    kitorang memang cukup x suke nk pegi berasak2 g buka kat luar… rase leceh sangat2…
    banyak kali dah pegi sebelum2 nih… dua2 rase x convenient….

    ko dgn harris memang diff case… memang suka bersosial dan suke g merase makanan kat memane… sekepala….
    laki aku, asal ade ayam, cukup!
    sonang koje den….

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