Bikin Panas!

Im mad! angry! #^$&^%&%&^%&* To the doc at HKL yesterday… Really dissapointing…

When we enter the doc’s room, the doc starts asking my dad with a lot of questions.

“Apa masalah pakcik? Kenapa tak refer balik ke Hospital Grik? Kenapa discharge kalau ada masalah? So, macam mana saya nak tolong pakcik ni? Saya x boleh buat apa2… Kenapa pakcik tak bagitau kat doc kat Hosp. Grik hari tu? Hah! cerita apa masalah pakcik!”

Then, when seeing my dad’s reaction, I turn to the doc & explained to her on behalf of my dad. Suddenly,

“Saya x nak anak pakcik cerita. Saya nak dengar daripada mulut pakcik sendiri. Pakcik x boleh bercakap ker?”

Oh! My God! Im like slapping the doc lah! She was So rude man!

Patiently, Im controlling myself. I have to be patient until all the prosedures done. So pity at my dad. Im like crying at that time seeing his innocent face. How could the bloody doc say that to him. Dont she know how to treat old people like him? Dont she have a dad? Sure she have kan, because I think she’s in her late 20’s…

After, X-rying & get the pain killer injection, we go to see the doc again. This time, I think the doc may had realize my menyampah face. I never smile from the first time she started his annoying nagging to me & my dad… She started talk nicely a bit, even though still got lah her kerek tu kan. She gave additonal 3 days MC to my dad, and some medicines.

At that time, I realise maybe she is “gila-gila” type. But, for me, as an adult, you have to know other people’s limit to accept your stupid joke! Especially with my dad’s condition. Really annoying!

Never mind. I believe in HIM. Allah is fair to us. You must remember that Dr. Haslina Ismail! What you give, you will get back!

p/s: had same experience when brought my dad to Klinik Tanglin. Really double standard. This time was retired male doc. Really rude & menyampah! They strongly need to study an integrity & our 5th Rukun Negara. Bugger!


2 Responses

  1. ko tak tau ke memang diorang ni macam ni…..berlagak giler… tak semua…tapi mulut memang macm tu….kalau dr pakar baik2 aje….yg takde pape yglebih2 ni


  2. aku memang byk dgr komplen. tapi, sebab nk sokong industri perubatan kerajaan, aku g jugak lah.. lagipun, memang x dinafikan teknologi & kepakaran kat hospital kerajaan ni memang terbaik.

    tapi, memang btol ckp ko, yg pakar2 tu ok jer.. memang segelintir jer yang perangai tu macam setan! x ikhlas nk jadik doc agaknye… memang kurang ajar tahap gaban!

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