I’m Not Single (Aku Bukan Bujang)

Last Thursday nite also not a really good day for me 😦

me & hubby planned to go to Pavillion for the 1st time. However, ended up at MBO Ampang watched this movie..

I give this movie 5 star for romantic comedy malay movie!

Its really worth it to watch this movie! From starting to the end was interesting… Full of comedy… ended by some romantic scene…

I like the scene where Maya (the wife) crawling & sniffing while she sleeping at nite… when Adam (the hubby) brings Maya to the bed after learned about Maya’s sleeping behaviour… So sweet… the scene when Adam put Maya’s phone on the tv’s speaker when their parents called… ahahhaha… but sadly, maybe effects to Maya’s grandmother’s death… The scene when they have to stay outside their car cause they couldnt find their car key… kah kah kah

And the most important thing, I was so touched with the scene when Dani (Maya’s bf) telling Maya the 8 Adam’s advises to Dani before Dani take Maya as his wife in future… It happens on the day when Maya had ask for a divorce from Adam… OUhhh…. So sad… Im almost crying at that time…. Huhuhuuhuhu…. So pity to Adam….

And last but not least, it is good that this movie ended with happy ending… No accident when Maya cross the road to meet Adam at the opposite roadside.

It was a simple movie but contains a very good message especially for married woman… It reminds us (a wifey) to accept our husband as he is… in what ever condition… How annoying he is, he is still our hubby, a normal man that trying the best for us… to make us happy… to fullfil our dreams… to follow our says… to change their life style follow our style of life… even if so hard for them, they will try their best… as long as we, a wifey smiling throughout our days & lifes… And finally this movie will remind us to appreciate our hubby more by remembering all the good things that he has done for us. I believe Allah matched us with our hubby for a very good reason… Only he can stand to fulfil our dreams, to help us in our houseworks, to be patient to us & the most important things is to entertain our fussiness & our almost everyday naggings…. ehehehhehe…. No other man can replace him… So, after watched this movie, we might need to think twice to ask for divorce to be with other guy which we havent know whether he can treat us as good as our hubby… He is the best for us granted by Him! Dont try to compare other people hubby with our hubby & dont compare our treat with other wifey treat to her hubby… Every couples was different from other couples… Lets try our best to treat him the best that we can do…


8 Responses

  1. yeah, really ‘good’ storyy….. :/

  2. chit!

  3. I love the movie damn much . Its such a romantic movie i’ve ever watch :):)

  4. salam..nk tgk kat mana eih cita ni online?

  5. waalaikumsalam…
    saya pun x sure la pulak kalau nak tengok citer ni kalau online kat mana…
    hiiiiii… sory ek untitle girl 🙂

  6. m…tak sempat nak nengok cite ni lagi..aritu mcm dah nampak cd..nanti cek balik

  7. tangok jangan tak tengok… memang sangat best!
    ajak puan dongan sekali, barulah sayang menyayang makin bertambah… ehehehehe…
    really bagi kesedaran kepada kita sume…
    selamat menonton….

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