Im a July baby

Copy from dongan blog…. 🙂

Fun to be with – hmmm… dunno… ask my hubby…

Secretive – not really unless u ask me to keep it as a secret…

Difficult to fathom and to be understood – dunno

Quiet unless excited or tensed – last time not, now? yes unless meeting with my utm friends..

Takes pride in oneself – dunno

Has reputation – maybe

Easily consoled – dunno

Honest – try to be… hopefully yes..

Concerned about people’s feelings – most of the time yes..

Tactful – hmmmm…

Friendly – last time yes, now? dunno…

Approachable – yes..

Emotional temperamental and unpredictable – yes i am

Easily hurt – yes

Witty and sparkly – dunno

spazzy at times – dunno

Not revengeful – this one wrong! ahahhaha.. depends…

Forgiving but never forgets – exactly

dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things – yup

Guides others physically and mentally – yes…. sometimes to selective people only

Sensitive and forms impressions carefully – yerp maybe

Caring and loving – yerp especially to my family members

Treats others equally – not really. ehehhehe.. also depends..

Strong sense of sympathy – exactly

Wary and sharp – not sure

Judges people through observations – always.. most of the time… eh! sometimes wrong.. ahahhaha…

Hardworking – yes if its worth it

No difficulties in studying – wrong!

Loves to be with friends – yes…

Always brood about the past and the old friends – yerp

Waits for friends – yup

Never looks for friends – not really

Not aggressive unless provoked – correct

Loves to be loved – of course

Easily hurt but takes long to recover – 100% correct!


2 Responses

  1. waaaa….. 100% correct!!!!….. waaaaa…………

  2. tahu xpe! ehehhehe

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