Wonderful Weekend!

Im proud to be a person named Amisah on last weekend 🙂

I noticed something lately… Before this, only my hubby been very efficient on his housework responsibilities. Me? Ehehhehe.. Always delay my housework… Not much actually, the routine one… Only ironing & folding our shirts etc…. Usually, I used to wait until weekend to do all this ironing & folding works… So, of course I’ll be really busy when weekend coming. Until, I started to feel the laziness by looking at the mountain of clothes that I collected for the whole week. Just imagine the stock… Fuh! The tireness, only God knows… Until I could feel the back pain. Usually, I need 3-4 hours to finish my ironing works. Folding? 1-1.5 hrs. Seriously!

So, after 1 year plus doing the same routine, me & hubby start thinking a new way to manage our housekeeping works.

Started last 2 weeks, we washed our clothes 3 times a week. So, meaning the folding & ironing works also will be done at almost the same frequency… After implementing this new way, we’ve found it to be very effective! I knew that a lot of people out there already using this way of routine. My in law also had advised us earlier actually… But, for me & hubby, we just started it…. We just noticed the beneficial of doing it this way… So slow! HOhohho… Hopefully we can maintain it forever… Especially me! Aminnnnn…..

Ok, go back to my wonderful weekend story.

After being so efficient in doing our housework, me & hubby got a lot of free time on last weekend. So, to make use of this free time, we decided to have our night stay at my in law house for the whole weekend. Since we moved to Keramat, we never had our night stay at their house anymore. Because, it was so close to their house… 5 mins drive only…

Alhamdulillah… We hope this could add some happiness to them at least….

Sat morning, my in law cooked “nasi lemak” for us.. Fuh! marvellous! Until my hubby “tapao” the “nasi lemak for his lunch. kekkekeke…

Then, on evening, we had our teatime at A&W. I had my double scoop waffle again… This time was nicer.. Fresh & meet the req….

And last but not least….

Could imagine how delicious the waffle & the root beer float huh? ehehhehe

On Sun, my hubby had his badminton game as usual.. I done some housekeeping on our filing system… hohohohoho… Finally after sometime planning… Teatime (actually late lunchtime), we had yong tau foo at Ampang.. The famous Yong Tau foo shop… Still enjoyable the food there… But, the price seems to be a bit expensive compared to very last time we had it. Welll… expected with the new oil price…

Dinner, ate at my in law house… again… hubby had his “sup tulang” while me had my “bihun goreng”… All cooked by my in law…. I just helped her on the “bihun goreng”.. ehehhehe.. ok what?

So, we really enjor our last weekend! I’ve been very efficient of Amisah this time! Big claps to myself! (perasan!)


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