My New Assistant


Im really dissapointed with my new assistant. Speechless!

Will trying my best to be patient to my present working environment… Ya Allah! Kuatkanlah semangatku!


2 Responses

  1. I asked u with which kementerian/jabatan you are now,but u not answer me…..hehehehhe.

    ur assistant ni budak sambilan or sementara or already tetap? if sambilan,give her/him 3 months trial.try to look his/her quality of work if not improved,try to kick out.not to be so cruel but if our unit’s/section’s performance goes down,who else to be blame?kita jugak.

    i got tip for u to opt a good assistant and staff.look at her/his maths result when they at spm,stpm or diploma level.opt those who has A2(at least),or P principal,or 3.0 gpa results of maths.don’t forget add maths results far alhamdulillah,i never fail to get a good worker using this tip.malah budak2 ni lagi teror dan bagus dari orang2 yang sedia ada.

    i know u love number since our school’s years back then.look at yourself,ask yourself and you will know where i got the tips.

    orang teror maths cepat pick up! hahahahahaha.betul weng,ndak tipu.

    try it,okey!

    semoga Allah sentiasa kuatkan semangat mu.

    reminder, have u and hubby registered with bem and iem?

  2. hahhahaha…

    of course i wont reveal the name…
    as i said, sensitive woooo….
    nanti susah pulak mau mengumpat…
    mana2 post yang sebut, akan di hold….
    koh koh koh…

    on the selection part, i dont think i have the rights to choose.. so, take it or leave it..

    im still adapting the working style in govt…

    of course we were in BEM!
    IEM? not compulsory, so no!

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