A&W Double Scoop Waffle

What a crazy decision me & hubby made on yesterday nite. Actually, since last week I told my hubby that I really miss the A&W waffle…. very long time since I had my last waffle there… macam mengidam pulak!

So, after visited my in laws house, me & hubby headed to A&W at Ampang. Closed! What to expect, 11pm πŸ™‚

Then, so kind of my hubby to bring me to the 24hrs A&W at PJ Amcorp Mall just to had my lovely delicioous marvellous waffle… wah! So touching…..

We reached there about 11.30pm. Ordered double scoop waffle & double scoop rootbeer.. hahahhaha…hubby had his fav mozza burger…. fattening! x kisah! bukan selalu!

However, so frustrated because, when I ordered, the A&W girl gave me a re-heated waffle only! I thought maybe ok. Unfortunately, the taste was really out! Not as good as the fresh one… Arghh! Really dissapointed! trying so hard to enjoy it. But, i just couldnt. Really cant! Benci! Luckily got the rootbeer.. if not, reallt spoilt my day…

12am, we finished our meal & went back home. Chit chatting a bit, then went to sleep…

Planning to had a fresh waffle with Sue la pulak next time…. She’s one of my bestfriend πŸ™‚ Very long time didnt lepak with her…. hmmm…. jogging & had our cutting fruits at Tmn Titiwangsa? πŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. oi oi.. don’t leave me alone here in penang maa.. well, there’s not much A&W here in penang.. what to do?

  2. ngeh ngeh ngeh….

    next time, bef the big reunion (chewah), we go lepak to PJ A&W ok?
    another mini reunion.. ehehhe… tapi, no shopping anymore.. simpan duit utk raya pulak… ehehhe…

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