Suddenly Being A workaholic!

Seriously Im really2 tired this week!

Almost everyday, i went back home at 7pm, which unusual for my office… & also unusual for me since I joined this gomen dept. Sometimes, being so detail also will kill yourself. Oh! ya, forgot to tell.. I just received my permanent letter on late may this year. Before that, Im only a contract staff… huhuhuhu.. Alhamdulillah, finally I got the permanent post. Maybe, because of the new status (most probably), Im more serious in doing my job. More feeling…

Or, because of my unit got new so called HOD (head of dept). We got our 1st meeting today. 1st impression, she must be okay maybe. Hopefully. a lot of good things, new idea… Bonus for us in this non-technical unit.

For yesterday nite, good & not good for me… sad & happy nite… had some arguements with hubby. Alhamdulillah, we had settled it last nite also.. I really cant stand if I have to sleep in anger mood. I really hate it! 

Thank you Abang for your understanding! I really2 appreaciate it! What ever happen, I just want to live with you! Only you Muzamil Azwal bin Mokhtar! I love you Abang! So muchhhhhh! Thank you Allah for granted him to me!


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