Im a July baby

Copy from dongan blog…. ūüôā

Fun to be with – hmmm… dunno… ask my hubby…

Secretive – not really unless u ask me to keep it as a secret…

Difficult to fathom and to be understood – dunno

Quiet unless excited or tensed – last time not, now? yes unless meeting with my utm friends..

Takes pride in oneself – dunno

Has reputation – maybe

Easily consoled – dunno

Honest – try to be… hopefully yes..

Concerned about people’s feelings – most of the time yes..

Tactful – hmmmm…

Friendly – last time yes, now? dunno…

Approachable – yes..

Emotional temperamental and unpredictable – yes i am

Easily hurt – yes

Witty and sparkly – dunno

spazzy at times – dunno

Not revengeful – this one wrong! ahahhaha.. depends…

Forgiving but never forgets – exactly

dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things – yup

Guides others physically and mentally – yes…. sometimes to selective people only

Sensitive and forms impressions carefully – yerp maybe

Caring and loving – yerp especially to my family members

Treats others equally – not really. ehehhehe.. also depends..

Strong sense of sympathy – exactly

Wary and sharp – not sure

Judges people through observations – always.. most of the time… eh! sometimes wrong.. ahahhaha…

Hardworking – yes if its worth it

No difficulties in studying – wrong!

Loves to be with friends – yes…

Always brood about the past and the old friends – yerp

Waits for friends – yup

Never looks for friends – not really

Not aggressive unless provoked – correct

Loves to be loved – of course

Easily hurt but takes long to recover – 100% correct!


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Kali Pertama naik Kapal Terbang
form 5, balik tawau sebab dah xnak duduk boarding school ūüôā

Kali Pertama Pergi Overseas
dah lama sangat.. x ingat tahun berapa…kicik2 dulu2… indonesia.. well… duduk sempadan indon la katakan…

Kali Pertama Dok jauh Ngan Keluarga.

1996 – boarding school, tu pun seminggu… 1997 – pun borading school, setahun.. yang paling real, 1999 until now ūüė¶

Kali Pertama Merasakan Diri Gemuk
2nd year kat utm… time tu bawah jagaan family fanor… sangat sihat… 54kg utk ketinggian 5′ 2″
Kali Pertama Bekerja
2003 – consultancy kat pj…

Kali Pertama Merasakan Diri Cantik.
bila ada peminat kat utm dulu.. ahahhahaha….. ye ker? paling rasa cantik bila jumpa my hubby kat utm ūüôā

Kali Pertama Masuk Wad
hmmmm…. macam x pernah jer…

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3. a. sharpe

4. k-ry

I’m Not Single (Aku Bukan Bujang)

Last Thursday nite also not a really good day for me ūüė¶

me & hubby planned to go to Pavillion for the 1st time. However, ended up at MBO Ampang watched this movie..

I give this movie 5 star for romantic comedy malay movie!

Its really worth it to watch this movie! From starting to the end was interesting… Full of comedy… ended by some romantic scene…

I like the scene where Maya (the wife) crawling & sniffing while she sleeping at nite… when Adam (the hubby) brings Maya to the bed after learned about Maya’s sleeping behaviour… So sweet… the scene when Adam put Maya’s phone on the tv’s speaker when their parents called… ahahhaha… but sadly, maybe effects to Maya’s grandmother’s death… The scene when they have to stay outside their car cause they couldnt find their car key… kah kah kah

And the most important thing, I was so touched with the scene when Dani (Maya’s bf) telling Maya¬†the¬†8¬†Adam’s advises to¬†Dani before¬†Dani take Maya as his wife in future… It happens on the day when Maya had ask for a divorce from Adam… OUhhh…. So sad… Im almost crying at that time…. Huhuhuuhuhu…. So pity to Adam….

And last but not least, it is good that this movie ended¬†with happy ending… No accident when Maya cross the road to meet Adam at the opposite roadside.

It was a simple movie but¬†contains a very good message especially for married woman… It reminds us (a wifey) to accept our husband as he is… in what ever condition… How annoying he is, he is still our hubby, a normal man that trying the best for us… to make us happy… to fullfil our dreams… to follow our says… to change their life style follow our style of life… even if so hard for them, they will try their best… as long as we, a wifey smiling throughout our days & lifes… And finally this movie will remind us to appreciate our hubby more by remembering all the good things that he has done for us. I believe Allah matched us with¬†our hubby¬†for a very good reason… Only he can stand to¬†fulfil our dreams, to help us in¬†our houseworks, to be patient to us¬†& the most important things is to entertain our fussiness & our almost everyday naggings….¬†ehehehhehe…. No other man can replace him…¬†So, after watched this movie, we might need to think twice to ask for divorce to be with other guy which we havent know whether he can treat us as good as our hubby… He is the best for us granted by Him! Dont try to compare other people hubby with our hubby & dont compare our treat with other wifey treat to her hubby… Every couples was different from other couples… Lets try our best to treat him the best that we can do…

Journey To The Center of The Earth

Ok, sia sudah pigi tengok cerita ni dengan hubby ari selasa malam hari tu..

Komen? Pertama kali tengok 3D, memang macam kagum gilak lah… macam real tu… lagi2 time budak Sean tu lempar yoyo tu ke arah skrin.. wow! macam jakun la pulak.. hahahhaha…¬†

Tapi, untuk¬†kesan 3D tu, ndak banyak lah dalam filem tu… lepas tu, macam ndak berapa perlu pun filem ni di 3D kan… Setakat yoyo dan beberapa scene yang ndak berapa penting… Awal2 filem tu jak yang ada 3D.. Lepas2 tu macam ndak berapa perlu… Macam lebih baik tengok normal show pun¬†ndak apa…. jalan¬†cerita pun macam biasa2 jak…¬†tapi yang sia kagum tu imaginasi orang putih ni yang boleh bayangkan keadaan dalam lubang¬†volcano dengan keadaan dalam pusat bumi tu…. walaupun macam ndak lojik kan… Tapi, boleh jugak terlintas di kepala diorang kan? Nama pun orang2 filem… mestilah kreatif untuk menarik orang tengok filemnya kan?

pasal terkejut2, banyak jugak… ahahhahaha…. yang paling sia ingat time ikan piranha tu… terkejut btul! gila menakutkan….

yang scene diorang jatuh ke dalam lubang volcano yang dlaam tu pun macam real… dalam gilak! yang scene diorang naik gerabak kayu tu pun best!¬†Hannah tu (heroin) pun cantek… memang orang Rusia ni lain la daripada yang lain… warna kulit diorang tu cantek betul…

tapi, utk rumuskan secara keseluruhan, Jalan cerita lain daripada filem2 yang sia tengok sebelum ni walaupun bukanlah terlampau best..tapi, ok… dari segi pelakon, jimat kos… 3 orang jak pelakon utama .. beberapa orang pelakon tambahan…

dan yang paling penting….. kos kami menonton filem ni ndak berbaloi langsung… FILEM NI NDAK PERLU 3D PUN! Normal show pun ok… sudahlah rimas pakai cermin mata tu…. kalau filem ni sepenuhnya 3D barulah berbaloi…

semua sekali RM48.50 (tiket=RM34+popcorn=RM5.50+parking=RM6+tol=RM3) berbanding kalau tengok normal show di MBO Ampang RM24 (tiket=RM18+popcorn=RM6, parking percuma dan ndak da tol).. Elleh! sebenarnya mau cakap fav. cinema nya jugak yang berbaloi la tu… Chet!

Tapi, ndak apa lah… sebab ada can jugak sia pigi kinokuniya beli kamus baru yang sia rasa berbaloi! ekekekkeke….

ok, Chow chin chiow!


Yesterday wasnt a good day for me. Sedey ūüė¶ Terlampau banyak sampai malas mau cerita…

Dark Knight

On Sunday night, made phone reservation booking for the “Journey to The Centre of The Earth” at tgv KLCC. Im expecting the 3D show tickets @ 8.45pm on Monday…

So, yesterday evening, me & hubby rushing to had our dinner at my in law house. On 8pm, we drove to KLCC. Afraid that we couldnt claim our reserved ticket, I asked my hubby to drop me at the drop by bay… I went to the TGV counter & looked for our ticket. Ouh oh… Already released.. Its ok because¬†the reserved ticket was for the normal show. The 3D show has started @ 8.30pm… Hmmm… never mind.. So, hubby ask me to buy a 3D ticket for the next day show… Got it! RM17, Rm6 more than a normal show… Will see whether this extra cost worth it or not today… plus the parking fee at KLCC which I think was really expensive!

After bought the tickets, hubby picked me up & we headed to our fav cinema “MBO Ampang”.. the most convenient cinema for us…no parking charges at all! save! hihihii… We managed to arrived at 9.05pm & get a “Dark Knight” tickets for 9.15pm show… Good! Really a good planning we thought…

Dark Knights….. Hmmm.. This movie was too heavy for a person like me.. Im the one who like humours, facts, reality¬†& so called “dongeng” but not too heavy type of movie… Still, this movie was really good in terms of the technologies used. Especially the face burning effects on Harvey Dent two face… Really like a real! Outstanding & gruesome! I didnt realize the PG-13 movie classification when I bought the tickets.

I dont like the Joker face! Too Scary…. Also the use of knives by the psycho Joker…. When he threated & kill the mafia using his father’s way… I dont like when the Rachel died… The way she died… All in all, this movie was too malicious… Especially for kids… I dont recommend…

However, this movie also gave us some lesson to learn… Some of Joker’s idea was right.. There is a lot of bad peoples out there.. He was pity that he never go through a normal happy life, due to his father’s behaviour.. impacted to his child, teenager & lastly humanity growing life… Some people out there also had the same or almost the same experience as the Joker’s… Really pity to them…

Some morals from the movie,

On the ferry scene: Not all the prisoners were bad & serve the rights to be in the prison… We tend to make bad judgement by looking at the outer side of people without considering the good inside of them… Also, we became too selfish when we pushed to choose either to save our life’s or other people’s life… This really happens in our daily life’s… mine also… Admitted it…

On the Rachel’s bombing scene: we tend to be selfish & chose the wrong decision. & ended up with big regretment for the whole of our life… Sometimes, we cant be too greedy in getting love from someone that we loved… Some love from her/him was also fated for others.

To summarize the movie… I would say this movie was good & bad… But still heavy for me… & understood the message conveyed.

p/s: Got arguement with hubby on¬†what will happen if one of the ferry passenger¬†press the bomb remote button. Either one of the ferry will explode or fireworks as said by the Joker when he struggling with the Batman… My hubby said one of the ferry will explode, while Im thinking the opposite way because as I remember, I had heard the Batman¬†told james gordon to not too worry because the Joker wont explode both ferry. He said he knows the Joker very well. So, what do you all think?

Wonderful Weekend!

Im proud to be a person named Amisah on last weekend ūüôā

I noticed something lately… Before this, only my hubby been very efficient on his housework responsibilities. Me? Ehehhehe..¬†Always delay my housework… Not much actually, the routine one… Only ironing & folding our shirts etc…. Usually, I used to wait until weekend to do all this ironing & folding works… So, of course I’ll be really busy when weekend coming. Until, I started to feel the laziness by looking at¬†the mountain of¬†clothes that I collected for the whole week. Just imagine the stock… Fuh! The tireness, only God knows… Until I could feel¬†the back pain.¬†Usually, I need 3-4 hours to finish my ironing works. Folding? 1-1.5 hrs. Seriously!

So, after 1 year plus doing the same routine, me & hubby start thinking a new way to manage our housekeeping works.

Started last 2 weeks, we washed our clothes 3 times a week. So, meaning the folding & ironing works also will be done at almost the same frequency… After implementing this new way, we’ve found it to be very effective!¬†I knew that a lot of people out there already using this way of routine. My in law also had advised us earlier actually… But, for me & hubby, we just started it…. We just noticed the beneficial of doing it this way… So slow!¬†HOhohho… Hopefully we can maintain it forever… Especially me! Aminnnnn…..

Ok, go back to my wonderful weekend story.

After being so efficient in doing our housework, me & hubby got a lot of free time on last weekend. So, to make use of this free time, we decided to have our night stay at my in law house for the whole weekend. Since we moved to Keramat, we never had our night stay at their house anymore. Because, it was so close to their house… 5 mins drive only…

Alhamdulillah… We hope this could add some happiness to them at least….

Sat morning, my in law cooked “nasi lemak” for us.. Fuh! marvellous! Until my hubby “tapao” the “nasi lemak for his lunch. kekkekeke…

Then, on evening, we had our teatime at A&W. I had my double scoop waffle again… This time was nicer.. Fresh & meet the req….

And last but not least….

Could imagine how delicious the waffle & the root beer float huh? ehehhehe

On Sun, my hubby had his badminton game as usual.. I done some housekeeping on our filing system…¬†hohohohoho… Finally after sometime planning… Teatime (actually late lunchtime), we had yong tau foo at Ampang.. The famous Yong Tau foo shop… Still enjoyable the food there… But, the price seems¬†to be a¬†bit expensive compared to very last time we had it. Welll… expected with the new oil price…

Dinner, ate at my in law house…¬†again…¬†hubby had his “sup tulang” while me had my “bihun goreng”… All cooked by my in law…. I just helped her on the “bihun goreng”.. ehehhehe.. ok what?

So, we really enjor our last weekend! I’ve been very efficient of Amisah this time! Big claps to myself! (perasan!)