My Internet Line Down

One whole day the internet line in my off down! I couldnt upload the photo that I promised in my previous post. So sorry. Next time I will try again..

Ok, Weekend… I didnt go anywhere, even to my in law house this weekend. Busy with hubby cleaning house, washing cloth, ironing etc. Huh! everyweek also busy with the housework. Never ending activity. After one whole tiring day (sat), we all (me, my hubby & my younger brother) really flat that night. We only had our lunch together for that day. For dinner, only myself & my brother had it. Myself had rice n scramble egg  while my brother had maggi… ehhehehe.. My hubby went to sleep just after he had his isya’ prayer. Pity at him. I could see his tiring from the snore sound that night.

Sunday also not much activity…. Had our breakfast, relax, and helping my brother to fill up his university form. Alhamdulillah, done! For dinner, I cooked “nasi goreng” & other fast food. Ok lah. Really full. After isya’ me & hubby went to Giant to buy some grocery. Then, sleep….

My hubby & brother wake up earlier for final Euro cup… Spain won! Im not a football fan actually.. ehehhehe…

My hubby wake me up at 4.45am for my ‘sahur’. Alhamdulillah, 5 days to go to finish up my “puasa ganti”.

Sad thing about today, my hubby had small cuts on his right hand palm. He’s opening the “kaya” can at that time. I really feel sorry for him. Because, both of us so afraid of blood!!!! arghhhh!!!!! He almost faint… I tried myself to be cool helping him put the iodin etc. I made it you know! Congrates to myself! Ehehehhe…. One successfull day…..

Oh ya! Me & hubby have settled our condo down payment today.. Alhamdulillah.. Finally.. So, looking forward for the new condo by end of next year. More money to save starting from now onwards for the new furnitures, renovation etc. MOney money money money (the donald trump apprentice series soundtrack)… ehehhe..


One Response

  1. hihihi
    mel pun takot darah ke weng?
    aku tahu ko jer..eheheh…
    ko nampak skit pOn dah berpusing.. 🙂

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